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● Over 20 years of personal and professional experience in the field of health and fitness
● NLP Coach of the year award winner 2016
● Level 4 Personal trainer.
● 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate
● 1st Level Mentor in the Art of JKD
● 8 years regular blogging, experience from both personal blog and other companies such as the huffington post
● Articles written for magazines, Wing Chun, Shine Charity
● Author of 2 e-books
● Published work with The International Baccalaureate

Further Qualifications

● Chi Gung & Forest Therapy Diploma
● Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Instructor
● Mastering Flow States Diploma
● Advanced Therapeutic Studies Higher Education Certificate- With Brunel University
● Essential First Aid Certificate
● Personal Coaching Certificate with Coaching Academy
● Recovery Coaching Award with the NHS
● Level 3 Award in assessing candidates using a range of methods
● Core Stability Ball Instructor
● Circuit Training Instructor
● Lifetime Nutrition Award
● Wright Foundation Exercise Referral Consultant Qualification

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