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Find your Flow



Using gentle movement patterns this course will help you to learn how to encourage natural energy flow (or chi) within the body. After just a few weeks you will feel a difference in all aspects of health. This course is particularly good for stress relief, joint health and circulation amongst many other benefits.


Learn the ways and benefits of outdoor training and how you can do this in the most healthy and beneficial way to achieve your goals for mind and body.


Develop your own flows and reach a state of flow in both mind and body by learning movement patterns that are great for both strength *particularly core and flexibility.

Suitable for all levels. (The course material is broken down step by step, which will allow you to take it at your own pace.)

The courses can be challenging or therapeutic depending on time and effort level put in. Please advise of your needs and any adaptions can be given accordingly.

Working on building internal energy that will help to overcome many difficulties whether in mind or body. Give it a try and see how it can work for you.

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