We have known Miranda Adams in her professional capacity since 2019. She was running the ‘GP Referral Scheme’ at ILife, Willesden Sports Centre in which we were participants. This comprised regular health checks, advice, gym training and exercise classes, all of which Miranda carried out. We generally saw her on two to three days each week until the first Coronavirus lock-down in March 2020, when all this activity was shut down.

We found Miranda to be extremely able and well-informed. She was also approachable, respectful, friendly and empathetic. Her support often went beyond the call of duty. For example, she organised a meal just prior to Christmas in a café near to the sports centre, and since lock-down, she has regularly provided encouragement and exercises online to try and keep us all motivated. She has continued to run an open wellness session online every weekend. This has been in addition to the material provided by the sports centre.

We would regard Miranda to be an asset to any employer or organisation. She is continually involving herself in classes to add to her knowledge and skills and is clearly very strongly motivated to do her best in all she engages in. 


Judith and Basil Bara
14th May 2021


I have known Miranda for a long time,since she was studying at university. She is constantly learning about health and nutrition, and completed various courses, to develop fully her potential, skills and knowledge. She is an experienced gym instructor and personal trainer, and I know I can fully trust her, in terms of my health, as well as my Son’s.

My child joined Miranda’s class a month ago. He is really happy with the structure of the class, and he can also socialise with other participants. Together with his 2 friends, they are coming to exercise with Miranda and every single time I pick them up, they are smiling and happy.

Both boys have challenging behaviour, one is having an autism spectrum, and Miranda knows, how to approach them, to achieve the best results. She is a mother herself, and she brought-up a lovely, caring, healthy and successful Son.
I truly believe, that the classes are really beneficial not only for a physical, but also mental health.

100% recommended

Katarzyna Luczyk

28th April 2021

I met Miranda after I had been referred by my GP for exercise classes in the local sports centre. She appears very dainty, but is a great leader, easily controlling small and large groups. She ensured that everyone in the class was able to manage at their own level, by going around the room and spending time watching and discussing technique with each person, in a way that put everyone at their ease. She encouraged team talks so that we could all support each other when needed and we all felt part of the group.

The classes themselves, chair exercise classes, were brilliant, sadly due to the pandemic they came to a stop. Miranda ran this perfectly, with a right mix of movement that were gentle yet worked muscles and different parts of the body. She always explained which areas we were going to work on before we started and also gave us all a chance to ask questions. She listens to us and when many people wanted a slightly more taxing session, she arranged another one for us.

I also had the pleasure of joining her group sessions in the gym, and again she made sure we all knew how to use the machine before we started, going round to everyone to comment on technique and chat to us all on progress, discuss what areas that particular machine worked on and also recommended other machines that may be good for us.

I like the fact that she took the time to find out all our individual needs and catered for each person in classes, giving encouragement to everyone. I never once felt awkward or out of place as Miranda was so good at making me feel welcome and would chat and listen to my needs.

Once things settle down with the pandemic, I would love to train with her again.

Catherine Joseph

28th June 2021

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