Your Health

Helping to improve people’s health, as well as my own is something I am very passionate about because of the many experiences I and the people I care about have had. I am sure many of you too may have had similar experiences.


This is a poem I wrote about the value of health at the beginning of this year.
I hope you enjoy and please share;

Your Health

It is your health that is the real true beauty in life
So easily given and then more easily taken,It is the real true gift

Value it with your life
for it depends on it so
There are many a people who aren’t even fortunate enough to know

Always remember the real true gift
It is right there within you
don’t wait for it to fly by

Many a people have done so
and then they realize,
That there real true gift
was right before their eyes

Many a true scholar
have told us these words before,
It is time now we listen
for its’s more important than before

The world is filled with guises
that hide us from this gift,
The only way to truly know is
from how you feel inside

So stand up for your life
and be true to yourself
Don’t hide from your health
it is your real gift of wealth

For once you really have it
then you will truly know
That the real gift of life
is right there before you,
If you only choose to let it be so

~ Miranda Adams

At Mirala health we offer a holistic service for health that encompasses all areas for complete health and wellness.
We hope to inspire as many people as possible to live the healthiest life.

We are currently looking for as many people as possible to complete our short survey to understand what people are most looking for from a health service, if you have a moment to spare, we would be most grateful if you could share your views with us.

Thank you for viewing our blog wishing you all the best in health and happiness:).

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