What is being in flow?

I like to define it as a feeling of being free, of being completly true to yourself, to your purpose and to others. Everything flows from there, you experience life with mindfulness, naturally flowing with the journey of life that we are all on. Not resisting or expecting but allowing the magic of life to flow through you.

To get to this place I believe it requires us to just follow our heart and our passions and be self aware,through doing this we will naturally fall in to this state. Always be yourself and follow your heart, there’s no better way for us to be.

This is a poem I wrote about my experience of this state. I call it ‘Flight’ because of the freeing feeling this state has;


When you feel that your in flow you just know that your right, because you feel that you are free and that you are in flight.

Lifting high above anything in to the free night , like nothing can hurt you or hold you down tight.

When you feel you are in flight you know you can fight, that nothing or no one can hurt you ,not with all their might.

Your in a state of wonder that’s high in to the light. So free like a fire fly that is shining so bright.

– Miranda Adams

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