Freedom of Movement

Having freedom of movement within our training is highly beneficial not only for our bodies but also our minds.

By staying open and having freedom and looseness in our movements like that of a dancer we will begin to notice how this positively affects the way we think and feel.

When our joints are more free and open and our bodies move easier, our minds reflect this and vice versa.

If this sounds like something that you also want or need, here are some ways you can increase the freedom of movement in your training.

  • Stretch Daily
  • Loosening/mobilising exercises
  • Bodyweight training
  • Being adaptable in your training methods
  • Lessen any force and increase softness in your training
  • Adequate rest and recovery

These are some of the ways I have found to be helpful, and as with anything it is always a work in progress.

Below is a short video I created of some loosening exercises you can add to your warm up/cool down routine to help improve your freedom of movement.

For any further advice please get in touch.

Loosening exercises

Enjoy the journey, enjoy training 🙂💛🙏




What is being in flow?

I like to define it as a feeling of being free, of being completly true to yourself, to your purpose and to others. Everything flows from there, you experience life with mindfulness, naturally flowing with the journey of life that we are all on. Not resisting or expecting but allowing the magic of life to flow through you.

To get to this place I believe it requires us to just follow our heart and our passions and be self aware,through doing this we will naturally fall in to this state. Always be yourself and follow your heart, there’s no better way for us to be.

This is a poem I wrote about my experience of this state. I call it ‘Flight’ because of the freeing feeling this state has;


When you feel that your in flow you just know that your right, because you feel that you are free and that you are in flight.

Lifting high above anything in to the free night , like nothing can hurt you or hold you down tight.

When you feel you are in flight you know you can fight, that nothing or no one can hurt you ,not with all their might.

Your in a state of wonder that’s high in to the light. So free like a fire fly that is shining so bright.

– Miranda Adams